Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm back...

     Morning my crafting friends, I hope you are having a productive day. I owe a big appology for not posting anything on my blog for quite a while but lots has happened here and I have been away and have not been crafting. My mother had a stroke so we visited for a while but I am glad to say that God answered our prayers and she has made a remarcable recovery.
    From my mam's in North Wales, went to visit our daughter who lives in the Midlands and had the wonderful pleasure of accompanying her when she visited the hospital to have a scan and saw  our future grandchild in utero. We will not have to wait too long now to know if it's a baby boy or girl as it is due towards the end of  September..... it's so exciting.
     We then had the joy of looking after our grandsons for an action packed long weekend building lego, playing in the park, BBQ-ing  and had great fun at an adventure park where they climbed up high poles, swooped down death slides and amazed me how brave they were... Well done boys.!! 
   Once we arrived home we had a visitor, our daughters boyfriend called to see us and asked  if he could Marry our daughter... what fantastic news. So that's two wedding's we have to look forward to and two cakes to make, as our son gets married this November as well.
   We then had a fun filled family day out rowing down the river Wye in Monmouth in a canoe and if we weren't soaking wet from falling in, having water fights and splashing one another we were drowned at the end of the day by torrential rain. It was a great day out and I'd highly recommend it.
   A friend of ours asked if we wanted to go sailing for a week and as the weather was so great we couldn't refuse so after settling aboard we set off on his Rival 38ft Yacht called "Henry Morgan". We left Cardiff bay through the lock gates at 8 am, being waved off by our daughter and 4 year old granddaughter who had come to watch us as we headed across the Bristol channel to our first port of call, "Watchett" which is a small harbour on the English mainland. We stayed here a night and then headed further down the coast to "Porlock" a lovely quaint place where we moored for two nights in their tiny harbour before sailing to our final port of call, Ifracombe. The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better week.
   Well as you can see we've had an action packed few weeks but now we're home were trying to catch up as we have been decorating, getting carpets laid, gardening and generally getting the house ready to go on the market as we're house hunting as well. Phew retirement is hard work.. ;-)
   Anyway I'll post a few pictures of our trip. Hope you like them

Regards Wendy



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